Responsible e-waste management through the proper disposal of outdated IT hardware serve two purposes. First, your business is kept safe through the secure removal of any confidential data remaining on your electronic devices. Secondly, you are doing your part to help make our planet cleaner and greener.

Here at GreenTree Electronics Recycling, we are fully committed to responsible e-waste management of confidential data to keep you, your business, your clients, and your customers safe. We also pride ourselves at being at the forefront of e-waste management solutions, leading the way toward a cleaner future for all of us.

As discussed in previous posts, the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills each year is staggering. Toxic chemicals and minerals, such as mercury, pollute the ground, water, and air, leaving devastation in their wake. The effects are ruinous both to our environment and to the health of people all over the world.

Responsible E-waste Management: Priority One

All e-waste management facilities are not created equal. Some actually contribute to the problem. They often ship your e-waste off to China, India, or African countries to be harvested for the precious metals, leaving the rest to be burned. Not only is this is harmful to the local ecosystem, but this work is often done by young children who undergo a myriad of adverse health effects as a result. 

A study done by MIT and the Basel Action Network confirmed that even trusted and seemingly well-meaning e-waste management companies often participate in this destructive practice. However, we refuse to play a part in this harmful behavior. To the contrary, we are quickly becoming a leader in the fight against improper electronic waste disposal. 

Additionally, we are doing our part to not only reduce but reverse the hazardous consequences of improper e-waste management. We partner with local communities all across Southern California, helping to supply them with refurbished electronics equipment and responsibly manage their e-waste.

Join Us and Become Part of the Solution!

When you choose GreenTree Electronics Recycling for your ITAD and e-waste recycling needs, you can rest assured that your electronic devices will never end up in landfills. We are dedicated to operating under the highest industry standards for proper e-waste management, and we strictly follow the guidelines set forth by the US Department of Defense.

We work with national environmental groups committed to replanting forests here and internationally to help combat greenhouse gasses and other effects caused by pollution. By partnering with us, you are contributing to these positive environmental solutions too!

We take extreme care in responsible e-waste management. We are unwavering in our desire to make our planet greener and safer for future generations. Our certifications and actions illustrate how much we care as individuals. But responsible recycling is more than a company business model for us. All of our employees are wholly devoted to it on a personal level as well. You can be sure that selecting us for your IT assets disposition and electronic waste is a responsible decision.

Our organization is quickly growing, which gives us confidence and pride that our mission to educate others on the importance of certified and secure electronic recycling and data destruction is resonating within the community. We are delighted that so many are coming to us to dispose of their outdated electronic devices properly. We are proud to say we are truly making a difference, and it shows! Our desire to help defend our beautiful planet is growing every day, so thank you for becoming a part of our solution. 

If you are currently in possession of outdated, end of life, electronic devices containing confidential information that you need to dispose of, please contact us today. Find out how we can help. Choose to work with us and join us in our mission of responsible e-waste management for a greener planet!