IT Asset Recovery is a term used to describe how the economic value of old technology within a firm can be recovered. There are many advantages to having a well planned program.
The first step to take in establishing an IT asset recovery program is to conduct a thorough inventory of all technology used or at least on-site within the business. Each asset should be tested and a decision should be made whether to extend its use in the business, repair or refurbish the device or finally sell it.

In some instances, computers or telecommunications devices will be flagged for reallocation with the firm. However, in most cases the equipment is slated for replacement. This phase of deciding what is to be done with each asset is referred to as ‘disposition’. There are multiple options ranging from resale to donation to scrapping. Each option has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage is the heavy environmental toll that scrapped technology creates.

The economic advantage of IT asset recovery is remarkable. As much as 90% of the sales dollar generated by resale can go straight to the bottom line. In contrast with the normal sales functions in many businesses, for every dollar flowing into net profits from IT resale, it would require $40 to $70 of regular sales activity.

For a meaningful return on a company’s efforts to create an IT asset recovery program, the firm should have at least $10,000 in stored, unused or unwanted computer or networking equipment. If your firm has one or more of these following situations, it might be a good option for your consideration:

  • Downsizing of your workforce with computers or telecommunications going out of use
  • Relocation to a smaller workspace
  • Improvement of your existing infrastructure
  • Your organization is becoming more sustainable and you are trading out less efficient hardware.
  • You’ve been storing old technology and want to eliminate this leakage in your cash flow.

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