Electronics Recycling

  • Computers and Servers
  • Printers and Copiers
  • Hard-Drives
  • TV’s and LCD Monitors
  • Cellphones
  • UPS Systems and Network Switches
  • Testing Equipment

Secure Data Destruction

  • Clear chain-of-custody for every asset
  • Tightly integrated data destruction
  • Centrally managed E-Waste recycling
  • Adhere to Department of Defense, HIPPA and FACTA standards
  • De-magnetize or shred every asset
  • Unique certificate of disposition provided for every asset

IT Asset Recovery

• Compiling a complete electronic asset inventory list
• De-installation
• Reconditioning and re-deployment of assets
• Residual value assessment
• Assistance in remarketing or donation

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Secure Data Destruction

We sanitize and destroy hard drives ensuring total eradication of stored information. Our procedures have a clear chain of custody, are eco-friendly and worry-free to our clients.

Electronics Recycling

Our computer recycling services include the collection and recycling of computers, servers, hard-drives, monitors, video equipment, cell phones, telecommunications systems , UPS, electronic testing equipment and much more. Check out our process on how we recycle your electronics.

IT Asset Recovery

The rapid replacement cycle of IT equipment due to new technology is growing within companies, end of life equipment is faced regularly with questions of whether to refurbish, resell, or recycle their business equipment assets.

Why choose us

We plant trees

For every 100LBS of E-waste processed in our facility, we plant one tree. With help from our charity partner Eden Reforestation Project we provide the means for local villagers to plant trees in Haiti and Nepal.

Certificate Of Recycle

A unique Certificate of Data Sanitization is provided on request for each pickup with data bearing devices. Data destruction is a high-level focus for us. We maintain a clear chain-of-custody for every computer, server, smartphone and more.

Secure & Sustainable

Our secure data destruction and asset auditing process keeps a clear chain of custody and total confidentiality over your sensitive data holding devices. From point of pick up to auditing, destruction and reporting. You can rest assured that your devices won’t end up in landfills and are responsibly recycled in the E-waste Downstream in accordance to our philosophy: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Charity Partnerships

In addition to planting trees, we collect and recycle computers, servers, hard-drives, cell phones and mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) and use these assets by putting technology back into the hands of students in need or for local public K-12 schools throughout Southern California.

What our customers say

Brad D.
CEO, Millennium Systems
We have had Green Tree Recycling pickup our E-Waste for 5 years now. They are the best out there and extremely responsive. If we have a pickup all we do is call them and they are collecting from us right away. Very friendly crew! We are very happy to be working with the team at Green Tree!

– Brad

Cindy H.
IT Admin, School District
I started working with Green Tree last year and I have to say they are one of the friendliest and efficient Companies I have worked with.

Thank you 😉

– Cindy

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