Keep This List Handy When You’re Looking for Refurbished Computers!

“Oh, damn!” you say, as your hard drive crashes and you suddenly are faced with the cold hard fact that it’s time to buy a new desk top computer. Besides the obvious feeling of relief because you’ve been backing up your files, you are sort of sick in the stomach realizing that you’ve got to shell out more hard earned cash. Luckily, you realize, you’ve just finished this blog and you know that buying refurbished computers can actually be a smart, cost effective thing to do now that you know what to look for!

Here’s what you need to look for if you find yourself in the market for a refurbished desk top computer.

1. Warranty – Get one that comes with a warranty. Look for one that will offer you at least 90-day terms.

2. Previous Owner – Know a little about how the computer was used by its previous owner. Was it a lightly used demo model or was it run nearly to death already by an over-worked accountant who never left his office or turned it off. A lightly used computer would be a better purchase for obvious reasons.

3. The Reason Why– Know the reason why the computer is being sold as refurbished. Common reasons include:

  • ‘Custom Returns’ – A product returned to the manufacturer with no issues within the product itself by the consumer after a trial period
  • Returned product due to shipping damage
  • ‘Demo Refurbs’ – A product that was opened for demonstration purposes, but was never sold as ‘new’
  • ‘Open Box’ item – An item that was returned by someone who simply decided not to keep it.
  • Cosmetically flawed items
  • Overstocks – An items which has been returned by the seller to make necessary room for new and a upcoming product

4. Return Policy – Most stores will offer some sort of return policy for refurbished computers. In general, customers can return the product within 30 days of purchase.

5. Technical Requirements – This next one is true whether you’re buying refurbished or new; know what you’re going to need from a technical perspective. Are mainly a web surfer? Then you won’t need a lot of horsepower. The heavier your demands, the more you will need to shop around for attributes such as sleek design, a good keyboard, and a sharp screen.

6. Physical Condition – Check the ports and both the inside and outside of the metal case for signs of previous damage.

7. Operating System – Without an OS, your computer is a useless box of wires, cards and a mother board. Look for a refurbished computer that provides you the OS on CDs as well as pre-loaded.

If you’re currently in the market for great quality, reliable, good as new refurbished tech products, we hope you’ll give Greentree Electronic Recycling a call! We serve most communities throughout southern California, with operations in Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and LA counties.