Why Should You Recycle Your E-Waste?

Environmental Benefits

E-Waste contains semi-precious metals which are used in computer circuit boards. Conserving those metals reduces as much as 70% of the energy used to mine new metals.

As electronics break down in landfills they leach lead, mercury, chemical flame retardants, beryllium, and chromium and other toxic chemicals into the surrounding soil, water, and air, creating health hazards for every living creature in the affected area.

Acting today to create a more sustainable world means future generations inherit a more livable environment to live in.

Social Benefits

It makes sense financially

Refurbished electronics make affordable computing available to millions around the world – from students, to households to workers.

The e-waste industry creates jobs for people engaged in dis-assembly, destruction, refurbishment, accounting, transportation and logistics and other important operations areas.

It’s in compliance with data security regulations

Keeps your organization HIPAA Compliant: According to HIPAA, there are different types of data that must be kept secure. These include:

• Data in motion—data moving through a network (e.g., e-mail)
• Data at rest—data that is kept in databases, servers, flash drives, etc.
• Data in use—data that is in the process of being created, retrieved, updated, or deleted
• Data disposed—data that has been discarded

It helps prevent identity theft

Recycling e-waste with us keeps your organization FACTA Compliant. The 2005 Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act addresses the destruction of consumer information obtained about current and former employees, job applicants, customers and vendors through credit checks, background checks, or other business investigations.

All information covered by the regulation must be disposed of when it is no longer needed in a way that reduces the chance of identity theft. That involves permanent destruction of electronic information by erasing or otherwise destroying computer disks, hard drives, and/or storage files.

Properly disposing of electronic waste – including shredding of hard drives and other protective measures – protects your customers’ and employees’ privacy, safeguards your reputation and protects your company from possible legal consequences This could even include civil and criminal liability for Directors and Officers.

Educational Benefits

K-12 schools can get access to much needed technology

Green Tree Recycling’s goal is to ensure that all local public schools are provided the necessary technologies needed for students to learn in a competitive world.

With over-crowding, low budgets, students of today’s public schools are at a serious disadvantage to compete globally. Green Tree Recycling is dedicated to providing much needed technology to our public schools through the pick up and sale of recyclables and e-waste. We gather this from major retailers, universities, and small businesses. Our purpose is to ensure that all students have equal access to computers and other learning aides.

Green Tree Recycling envisions a large-scale movement to convert the recyclable waste of businesses and organizations into the technological enrichment of our schools.

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