Too Great to Hesitate: Buy Refurbished!

If you follow the trends, you probably already know. Buying refurbished technology is one of the hottest business and consumer trends going right now. This is true for lots of important reasons.

If the refurbished market wasn’t heating up, there’s no way that the “big guys” like eBay and Amazon would be building big departments to take care of all the business they see waiting out there.

From a sheer economics perspective, buying refurbished just makes good sense. You can literally buy ‘good-as-new’ technology for a fraction of what you’d have to pay if you went with new. Worried about having to replace it quickly? No need! Smart vendors like Green Tree Electronic Recycling already know what Abraham Lincoln once said: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Committed vendors in the refurbished market know happy customers will be back for more.

It may be that you’re wary about purchasing a refurbished product because you’d rather avoid the hassle of a potentially defective item. After all, if it has the word refurbished next to it, then it must have been defective at some point, right? Not so fast there, Buckaroo!

There’s heaps of good reasons why refurbished doesn’t have to mean ‘reject’. Just a few of these include:

Demo Units – We’re often able to acquire demo units from independent retailers. Demo units are put out on the floor when the lastest model of a smart phone, pc, laptop or other latest gizmo of the moment first hits the market. A few months later, its time to show something else that’s now “new” and we can acquire demo units at a fraction of their value, dust them off, and sell them to our customers! Neat, right?

You’ve probably been into “Big Box R Us” and seen the ‘returned in box’ inventory. The stuff that gets put out on the shelf was taken home, most often the owner had a change of heart, and back it goes to Mr Big Box. You buy ‘refurbished’, you get the savings!

Dents and Dings – So, what’s a few scratches on the aluminum case? What’s important is what’s happening on the inside! Greentree has relationships where we can often get these perfectly great machines and give you the savings!

Defects– So, ok. Yes, there is a category of tech products that initially DID have a defect. Someone bought that unit, brought it to work or home, found it, uttered a bone chilling “yuck!” and returned it to the manufacturer who did what they should have done in the first place and made it right! (It’s a darn shame that the parents of our delinquent youth won’t do that!) Anyway, once again, after these products are made right, they’re ready to work as designed and – voila – you get the savings!

Here’s a few ways you can make double and triple sure that you stay on the right end of any refurbished buy you might be considering:

  • If it says ‘As Is’, read between the lines. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  • Ask for a Warranty – If your vendor isn’t willing to take it back due to a reasonable malfunction, then you probably don’t want it either. (Actually, this could be taken as another comment about delinquent youth).
  • Make Sure It Has a Return Policy – Obviously, you’re going to want to return the product if it is defective. Be sure that the return policy is spelled out clearly.

If you’re currently in the market for great quality, reliable, good as new refurbished tech products, we hope you’ll give Greentree Electronic Recycling a call! We serve most communities throughout southern California, with operations in Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and LA counties.